Our diverse team has experience assisting companies like youRS in every step of the product design process. We have worked with companies to design and create everything from simple brackets to over the top designs for award winning builds. No project is too small or too large for our dedicated  team of designers and engineers.

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From initial concept design all the way through to manufacturing we can help bring your products into production. Our 25 years of CAD design, prototyping and manufacturing experience allow us to bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently. The diversity of our experience ensures that we have the knowledge to understand and add value to your product. Some of our capabilities also include 3D scanning and reverse engineering OEM components.

Utilize our experience to engineer value into your products.


Do you need a specific flange, merge or other part for your product? We can private label any of our products or even design an entirely new product for your application. Many of the innovations that our company is built on are based on ease of fabrication and maintaining the highest quality. Applying our design process to your parts can allow you to increase quality while decreasing cost. Reducing component cost and assembly time are some of the ways we can take your products to the next level.

From design to manufacturing we have you covered.

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With so many years in design and prototyping we have created many relationships with manufacturing partners. Finding a new manufacturer or a new manufacturing process can sometimes be a bit of trial and error and requires a lot of experience. Our experience can help bring your product to market quickly and efficiently. From a one off prototype to a full production run of parts we can help make the process effortless.

We can produce the quantity of parts you need when you need them.