Kit Description and Benefits

The manifold bolt-on kit is designed to bolt the BRZ or FRS manifold onto the FA20DIT (2015+ WRX) engine. The factory WRX manifold has a few weak points that this kit aims to fix. First, is restriction in the manifold itself. The BRZ manifold has larger runners, better flow distribution and a straighter flow path. Another benefit of the BRZ manifold is the ease of adding secondary injection to the intake manifold. The OEM injection ports on the BRZ manifold allow you to add a set of port injectors with an already existing aftermarket support.

BRZ Adapter Kit 01.jpg



Dyno Results on 93 (+26 hp/+18 ft-lbs):


Dyno Results on E85 (+36 hp/+21 ft-lbs):


Whats in the box?

  • Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold Adapter/Risers

  • Throttle Body Adapter with IAT Sensor Port

  • OEM BRZ MAP Sensor Port Block-off

  • Injector Port Block-off (Qty 4)

  • Wiring Harness Extension

  • Associated Hardware

  • T-Handle Allen Tool

  • Coolant Line Connector

Other Required Parts and Modifications

Required OEM Parts

  • BRZ or FRS Intake Manifold (You can use either the Red Aluminum or Black Plastic)

    • Seals For Red Aluminum Manifold (14001AC540)

      • Throttle Body Seal (16175AA520)

      • Qty 2 Intake Manifold Runner Seal (14035AA720)

      • Qty 4 Injector Port Seals (16608KA000)

    • Seals for Black Intake Manifold (14001AC250)

      • Throttle Body Seal (16175AA420)

      • Qty 2 Intake Manifold Runner Seal (14035AA610)

      • Qty 4 Injector Port Seals (16608KA000)

  • WRX lower TGV housing seals (Removed from your OEM parts, 16175AA440)

  • WRX Throttle Body (BRZ Throttle Body is not compatible with the WRX)

Required Aftermarket Modifications

  • Front Mount Intercooler

  • Custom Cold Side Intercooler Piping

  • EGR Delete (Only the engine side delete plate is required)

  • Miscellaneous Vacuum Tubing Connections to the Manifold

  • Throttle Body Coolant Bypass (Kit includes barbed fitting)

  • Custom Tune!!!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why would I put a BRZ intake manifold on my WRX?
A. The BRZ intake manifold flows better, has provisions for secondary injection and cleans up the cold side intercooler piping by facing the throttle body forward.

Q. Do I need TGV Deletes in order to use this kit?
A. No, upper and lower TGV Deletes are completely replaced by this kit. The intake manifold adapters that come with this kit act just like our Complete TGV Delete Kit.

Q. Where can I buy intercooler piping to go with this kit?
A. Contact your local performance shop. There are quite a few intercooler kits out there so its difficult to produce tubing for each kit. We developed a 3D printed mock-up tool that will allow a shop to produce the correct piping before the stock parts are removed. You can download the mockup for free or purchase it from our store.

Q. Is secondary (port) injection a requirement to use this kit?
A. No, our kit comes with CNC machine port injection block-offs so that it is an easy bolt on application without the added complexity of secondary injection.

Q, What do I use to control the secondary injection?
A. The best person to answer this question is your tuner. There are not a lot of options for secondary injection control for the WRX platform yet but we felt this kit will help jump start development for the FA20DIT platform.